Blizzard Rewards

Snow Globe Packaging would like to say THANK YOU for your loyalty and business. Our way of saying THANKS is our Blizzard Rewards Program. All you have to do to start earning points is to join our Blizzard Rewards Program.

Your company earns 1 Blizzard Reward Point for every $1 you spend on purchases from Snow Globe Packaging. Your purchases qualify you for Blizzard Reward Points. Scroll to bottom of page to find the full and current list of Blizzard Rewards being offered. We add new items from time to time.

To begin to earn Blizzard Reward Points you need to sign-up and opt-in. Please
CLICK HERE and let us know you want to become a Blizzard Member. In addition to your points for purchases, you will receive special offers and ways to earn bonus reward points which will be offered exclusively to our Blizzard Members. To start with we will give you 100 Blizzard Reward Points just for signing up.

Blizzard Rewards can be redeemed anytime you earn enough points to qualify for the rewards we offer. You can redeem as many Blizzard Reward Points as you have available.

Earned Blizzard Rewards Points are deposited following the completed delivery and payment of any order. Blizzard Reward Points can only be used once. Any redeemed points are removed from your balance and no longer available after they are used.

Taxes and shipping charges are excluded from earning Blizzard Reward Points.